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Every class at Live to Dance Studio is sure to be age appropriate with edited music that is suitable for children. All classes have the opportunity to perform in an annual recital. We have costuming that is appropriate for children of all sizes and shapes. Choreography for each class is also appropriate for their age and ability.


Jazz classes are available for students age 6 and above. Students progress in a jazz class is based on personal growth and abilities. Class includes: an emphasis on style, confidence, posture, personal power, enthusiasm, technical strengths and flexibility. Our jazz dance syllabus is followed for the proper training of our students. Classes are fun and expressive.


Tap classes are for age 3 and above. Tap is one of the greatest classes to begin learning dance. The rhythm, balance and coordination taught through tap classes will carry on for a lifetime. Tap is energetic and helps many personal learning skills. The tap sounds are also exciting for students where they can measure their own progress. The tap syllabus is created to encourage balance and coordination skills as a student grows. We build self-esteem and incorporate strong movement in tap classes.

Pre Tap

Pre-Tap classes are designed for ages 3/4. Class includes: tap instruction, balance, coordination, creative movement, ballet arms, confidence skills, listening skills, tumbling and public speaking. The class is excellent to help overall academic skills. This is an absolutely brilliant program for young students.


Our ballet program now begins at age 5. Class includes: poise, confidence, posture, grace of movement and a technical ballet syllabus which grows with each student. Ballet classes are a progressive class that moves slowly to learn and develop proper technique


Pointe is a very structured and a carefully observed discipline of dance. Pointe is generally for a more accelerated student age 13 or above. Students in pointe classes must be proficient in ballet with very strong ankles, legs and core strength. The dancer’s body needs to be strong enough to support the weight bearing on pointe. Taking pointe class before a student is physically, emotionally and developmentally ready can prove dangerous in later years. Pointe classes are supported by a variety of ballet classes and some students may need the support of an additional dance style. 

Girls Hip Hop 

We work to improve agility, motor skills, strength, conditioning, and coordination. We learn the basics of hip-hop dancing as well as some of the different styles of hip-hop!


This is basically the floor section of Gymnastics. Tumblers will work to improve tumbling skills starting with handstands, cartwheels, etc. and moving up through more advanced moves. We have a trained gymnast coach to teach this class.


We add Barres and Beam to our Tumbling classes! 

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