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Since 2014

Founded by Miss. Denise in 1999 , Denise Harper's Dance Company provided dance education to the Great Falls area for 15 Years, Miss Nicole was a student and teacher of Miss Denise for 13 years, and had the opportunity to continue Miss Denise's goal of providing dance education for Great Falls children. Miss Nicole acquired Denise Harpers Dance Company in 2014, and Live 2 Dance Studio was born! After operating for 4 years in our first location, Live 2 Dance Studio moved to 1108 9th Street South. This provided the growth to add a second studio and gymnastics classes with Miss Jessica. Live 2 Dance Studio & Gymnastics is thankful to have the opportunity to provide affordable dance and gymnastics education for all of your wonderful children.


Live 2 Dance Studio & Gymnastics has a large variety of classes for every skill level from beginner to competition. Whether you are interested in competition dance or looking to enjoy dance or gymnastics and just have fun, we have a class that’s right for you.





Discover Your Passion

Registration is $10 

Not sure what to register for? Ask about trying a class before registering! 



Jazz, Tap, Ballet, Hip Hop, and Pointe

30 Minute Class = $30 /Month
45 Minute Class = $40 /Month

Fall Registration is Open!



Tumbling and Gymnastics

Our amazing Gym instructor keeps these classes fun and exciting, while the kids are continuously learning! We have a great hobby program for kids who either don't want to compete, or aren't ready to compete yet! 


Stay in the Know

December Reminders!



Candle Fundraisers are due Friday, December 2nd! They usually take 3 to 4 weeks for orders to come in.


Viewing week for Dance classes only will be December 5th through 9th! Adults only please, children will be asked to wait in the waiting room. Please be prepared to take off your shoes. (viewing week for gymnastics/tumbling classes will be in January)


Dance Costume Balance is due December 15th!


Gymnastics/Tumbling classes are included in pictures as well as having a Performance Viewing day in May! For these days we select a class leotard! Be watching for emails to come out with your class leotard information!


Christmas dancing/tumbling will be the week of December 16th through 22nd.  You may wear holiday-themed clothing over your leotard as long as you can move freely.


We will be closed December 23rd to January 2nd.  Class resumes on January 3rd.


Penny War ends today! I’ll announce the winners Friday!


Merry Christmas to the best parents and students.  Have a wonderful holiday season.  We LOVE teaching your children!




  1. Dancers- Your first half of costume fees is due Nov 15th.   


  1. If you participated in the 1st fall fundraiser, your orders are on their way! They should be here within the week!


  1. Friday, Oct 28th we DO have classes!


  1. Our 2nd Fundraiser is Butter braids! This one starts November 1st, and is due back November 14th. All money must be turned in with the orders! 30% of your sales goes towards costumes or tuition!


  1. We are closed Monday, October 31st for Halloween! Monday kids are more than welcome to pick up a fundraiser on Tuesday since we are closed Monday!


  1. Our last fundraiser is Candles! This one starts November 18th and is due back December 2nd!


  1. We will be closed Wednesday the 23rd, Thursday the 24th, and Friday the 25th for Thanksgiving Break.


  1. Our Penny War is half way over! We still have all of November to raise money for a new gymnastics equipment!


  1. Please remember to have your dancers and gymnasts wear leotards to class and have hair up and out of the face!  


Reminders are also posted on the bulletin board in the hall of the studio, on our website ( and our Facebook (live2dancestudio)!!


Let me know if you have any questions.  We LOVE teaching your children. 

Miss Nicole, Miss Jessica



  1. Gymnastics/Tumblers Only:  Viewing week will be October 3rd through October 7th! PLEASE NO CHILDREN! Viewing is for adults only. There is limited space in the gym for viewing so be prepared to sit on the floor or stand. Sorry in advance!!


  1. We will be closed Thursday, October 20th and Friday, October 21st. No School – No Dance/Gymnastics!


  1. We will be closed Monday, October 31st for Halloween!  


  1. We will be doing Halloween dancing and tumbling on Monday, October 24th, through Friday, Oct 28th. You may wear Halloween-themed clothing over your leotard as long as you can move freely.  Please, NO COSTUMES. They could get ruined. ☹


  1. Dancers only: There will be no Costume Deposit this year. Because shipping is taking longer and longer, we will be ordering costumes earlier this year. There will be a half down payment due in November and a full payment due in December instead. Watch for costume emails in October 😊


  1. Always be sure to wear a leotard to class! Without a leotard, dancers and tumblers will be unable to fully participate in class.


  1. Our 1st holiday fundraiser starts this week! It is due back October 7th! All money must be turned in with the orders! This fundraiser is for your benefit only! 30% of your sales goes towards your costumes and/or tuition!


  1. We are having a Penny War again this year! This year the penny war will be used to help raise money for new Gym equipment!! Here are the penny war rules:


  1. Each age group has a jar. The jar that receives the most points at the end of November is the winner. That age groups gets an extra big Christmas party as their reward!

  2. Point System:   place pennies and dollars in your jar to add points, place silver coins in someone else’s jar to subtract points!

    1. Penny – add 1 point

    2. Dollar – add 10 points

    3. Quarter – Subtract 10 points

    4. Dime – Subtract 5 points

    5. Nickle – Subtract 2 points

  3. Participation is always a choice. Thanks so much in advance for choosing to play our fun game to raise money!



We Love Teaching Your Children!!



(I send out reminders at the beginning of each month.  They are also posted on our website, on our bulletin board, and on Facebook!)


Welcome!! All classes start Tuesday, September 6th!!

  1. September 5th is Labor Day. We have NO Classes!    


  1. If you haven’t already done so for 2022-23, we will be sending home waivers the 1st week of classes. There is a different one for gymnastics and dance, so if you are in both, you will need to fill out both. Please bring those back the following week!


  1. Tuition is due the 1st class of each month! Invoices are sent out through email on the 1st of each month. You can pay through that invoice, or you can come in to pay with cash, check or card. If you’d like to set up recurring payments, you can do that through that emailed invoice!


  1. Tuition Prices:  30 min class - $30,     45 min class - $40,           1 hr class - $45,     1.5 hr class - $60,            2 hr class - $75,           Private dance class - $100,        Private Gymnastics class - $150, *Tuition is per month

  1. Your class times are listed on your invoices. If you have any questions about when your classes are, don’t hesitate to ask!


  1. Dancewear, gymnastics wear, and shoes will be sold the first week of classes during classes! After that, you’ll need to make arrangements outside of class.

**Remember to ALWAYS wear a leotard to class. No leo - no participation! Come to class with your hair up and out of your face. Don’t forget to use the restroom before class! Dancers need the proper shoes for each class. The first week, dancers can dance in their socks.


  1. VIEWING week For Dance Classes will be the first week of classes (Sep 6th – 12th)!   For Tumbling and Gymnastics classes viewing week will be the 1st week of October (Oct 3rd – 7th)! ***Viewing is for adults only to come sit in and watch the class***


  1. Our first Fundraiser will start September 23th! You can fundraise to make money for costumes or tuition! Look for a separate email in September with more information!


  1. Our fall season goes through May 18th!


  1. Dancers: Our Dance Recital is planned for May 20th!


If there are any questions don’t hesitate to ask!




Facebook: Live 2 Dance Studio

Studio Phone number: (406) 952-1414


Can’t wait start classes!!!

Miss Nicole


August Reminders

  • We are on our last month for Summer classes. All Summer classes end August 19th.

  • Fall classes begin September 6th! Open House is August 20th!


  • Summer camp for August is the 2nd – 4th  

    • Dance classes resume as normal during those days.

    • Gymnastics and Tumbling classes do not have classes during those days.

      • We do offer those classes to come twice the following week to make up for missing those days. Just talk to your instructor to plan that out.

    • Being already in summer classes – if you’d like to participate in the camp, you do receive half off! 

    • This camp is a Dance and Gymnastics camp where we learn a little dance and a little gymnastics for the best of both worlds!


  • Summer Recital for Dancers, Gymnasts, and Tumblers!

    • Our recital is scheduled for Thursday, August 18th! (this is a date change)

    • Starts at 6:30 pm (we will stretch at 6:20).

    • At Gibson Park on the stage!

    • May want to bring Chairs.

    • We do a potluck for this recital to stay in the summer spirit! The following is what we’d like everyone to bring to ensure we have enough for everyone. We have 50 students this summer:

      • 3-4 yr old dancers – napkins, plates, and silverware

      • Tumblers – Deserts

      • 5+ yr old dancers – Entree’s

      • Competition dancers – Drinks

    • Wear T-shirts, and black bottoms, with hair up and out of the face!


  • Tuition is due the first lesson of each month.


July Reminders

  • 4th of July Parade is Monday, July 4th at 11am!

    • Please meet at 10:45 am under the trees between the civic center and the police station! We will walk the parade route and meet parents on the opposite side of the civic center (by the children's museum) after the parade! 

    • Every dancer or tumbler is invited to join us! Parents and siblings are also welcome!

    • We will have a cooler of water but please also make sure to bring water or Gatorade to stay hydrated! It’s going to be a hot morning. And bring sunscreen!

    • Dress up for the 4th and be ready to have fun!!!!

  • Montana State Fair!

    • The fair has asked us to perform for them!

    • On Friday, July 29th we have an hour on the 3 River’s Stage to perform at 12:00 pm!

    • All Summer Classes (dance and gymnastics) will perform!

    • Please let me know if you CAN NOT be there so I can get an accurate count for gate admission. They are giving all of the dancers free gate admission for performing!

  • T-Shirts!

    • We have t-shirts made every summer with our Studio Logo for the dancers to wear at the Pot-luck. They will also wear them at the fair if they come in in time. And they make great memorabilia!

    • They are only $20!

  • Summer camp for July is the 5th – 7th.

    • Dance classes resume as normal during those days.

    • Gymnastics and Tumbling classes do not have classes during those days.

      • We do offer those classes to come twice the following week to make up for missing those days. Just talk to your instructor to plan that out.

    • Being already in summer classes – if you’d like to participate in the camp, you do receive half off! 

    • This camp is a Dance and Gymnastics camp where we learn a little dance and a little gymnastics for the best of both worlds!

  • Tuition is due the first lesson of each month.

June Reminders/Welcome to Summer!

Thanks for registering for Summer 2022 Classes!!

Summer Classes start the week of June 6th!!  

The first week of classes will be viewing days! Parents can stay and watch! We ask that no one under 18 stay however. There are chairs set up in the hallway to accommodate those who wish to stay and cannot view.

We will be selling shoes and other dancewear the first week of classes! After that we will have to make arrangements outside of class to get shoes and dancewear.

Don’t forget to wear leotards, and have hair up and out of the face! Also, please no jewelry. Check out our website or feel free to ask about any other questions concerning what to wear!

June tuition is due the first week of classes, if not set up for recurring payments!

Recurring Payments go through on the 1st of every month. You can set up recurring payments straight from your emailed invoice!

We have a popcorn fundraiser starting right away in June! This fundraiser helps raise money for your tuition and also for the summer t-shirts that you’ll wear for your performances this summer!

Our summer recital will be August 19th at 6:00 pm at Gibson Park. We will also walk in the 4th of July Parade. Our Fair performance will be July 29th at 1:30 pm at the 3 River’s Stage.